Choosing time and currency formats

To define how your project displays units of time and currency go to Inspectors ▸  Project Inspector ▸ Formats section.

 Duration and Effort Time units allows to view durations and amounts of effort. You can plan in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years - whatever works best for you.

The following abbreviations are used:
m = minutes;
h = hours;
d = days;
w = weeks;
mo = months;
y = years.

Note: in duration fields, if you enter a number without any units, an app assumes the smallest unit enabled here.

 Currency field allows to set currency format for entire project calculations. Default currency for new project is USD. You can set the new currency choosing it from the drop-down list.

 Time options allows to set how dates are displayed in locations they appear across your project. You can choose whether to include time of day, or show both in your displayed dates.

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