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Scheduling and planning software

A clean and smart design keeps you focused on your daily schedule, planned tasks, to dos and shopping lists on your macOS devices

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Add tasks

All the scheduled tasks are laid out in the Today and Upcoming lists. New tasks, ideas and thoughts are kept in the Inbox unless you decide to add them to your schedule. The most important tasks can be marked with the priority levels.

Network diagram view

A Network diagram is a graphical view of tasks, dependencies, and critical path of project. A box (also called a node) represents each task, and a line connecting two boxes represents the dependency between two tasks. 

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Resource calendars

Each project automatically includes a base calendar with some general working hours and a resource calendar that specifies a unique schedule for a specific resource. Project calendars are used to schedule tasks, and if resources are assigned to tasks, resource calendars are used as well. For each resource you can create an individual resource calendars based on the settings in base calendar. 

Critical path and baselines

Critical path is a series of tasks that dictates the calculated finish date of the project. And baseline is a static copy of plan data that’s compared with actual and current data. Baselines helps to compare actual vs. planned. 

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What's new in AssistMe?

New work calendars for customising project schedule, or work schedules for individual resources, improved app performance that makes the app is much snappier, updated design for both light and dark themes.

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Scheduling and planning software

Project Office compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch



Project Office system requirements

Requisitos del sistema

Mac: OS X 10.12 or later, 15.1 MB

Project Office Specifications last version

Versión más reciente

Mac: 1.1, Feb 2022